Summer 2016 to do list!

Summer of 2016: creating an online class


I’ve been spending most of my first two weeks of summer organizing my house, reading, changing my diet, and playing with my toddler and her friends. It has been glorious! But now I would like to devote a bit of time to heading back to work in August. I’d like to watch four French movies: Timbuktu, Belle et Sébastien, Diva, and Comme un Lion. I checked these out from my school’s amazing library before the end of the year! I don’t have any new French books lined up, but I have plans to work on Petit Nicolas and L’étranger in order to be better prepared for next school year. I’ve written vocabulary lists for Nicolas and I found one for L’étranger. I hope that will help my students spend more time understanding and less time guessing when we read either together or at home.


I’m also designing an online class for my French IV Honors first semester. One of my students will be off campus and his program offers only Spanish. I’m thrilled that he cares enough to continue his studies with me and I hope this makes him sign up for AP his senior year! My school is adopting Canvas as our Learning Management System and many other teachers will be using Canvas in the fall. I’ll be the guinea pig with an off campus kiddo, but I’m relieved that there will be tons of help available to all of us with this transition.


I’m really excited to be working on an online class over the summer. We have a new schedule, so in the 2015-16 school year I met with opposite groups of classes every other day. I have high hopes that this new format that embraces online work will help my students spend more time outside of class on key language skills that we just don’t have time to address in class. I plan to give plenty of videos and speaking assessments every day!


What are the rest of you up to this summer? Inquiring minds want to know!


One thought on “Summer 2016 to do list!

  1. My school adopted Canvas this last school year and I really like it. I have a student who wanted to do French III curriculum over the summer and take the French III final so she can take AP during the school year (she has a scheduling conflict for French III). I set up her assignments on Canvas and I am grading her work while spending the summer in Provence. One thing that works great in Canvas are discussions. In addition to written posts, students can click on the filmstrip icon and record their answers. The comments field allowed me to give them detailed feedback which helped my students improve their pronunciation and speaking ability.


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